Thursday, August 19, 2010

Artfully Yours Officially Ready for Classes

We have our first Private Party scheduled for September 5th!!!!!!

Beginning in September we have our Pack & Paint on Fridays at 12 noon until 3:00 
Pack your lunch and enjoy painting our scheduled project.  It will change every week.
You might wonder, is there any room for your own creativity...YES.  We provide the
design but you can make your own creative changes and select your own colors to 
suit your taste and decor. 
It doesn't  always take three hours to complete  a project but you might as well stay and enjoy
the time away from the crazy routine of life and do something for yourself.  From time to time we will have special guest speakers who will remind us that we are worthy of taking care of ourselves.
Remember we provide all of the supplies, you bring your lunch (wine if you'd like) and maybe a friend to share the experience.

Saturday afternoons we will schedule some projects for adults and for  kids.  Just keep checking the schedule.

Email us if you'd like to get regular updates to the schedule of projects.

This should be fun and I am so happy to be a part of it.

Rusty Harden

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